Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kick in the Face
Went to the Design Center today, located in La Cienaga and Melrose Ave. It was a MFA show for soon to be grads. I went cuz a lot of CSULB people would be attending, but only one person I knew had a piece in the show, and it was pretty small. Most of the show was odd contemporary art stuff, like a magazine hanging from a rope. There was an even weirder performance art section, with men taking their clothes off to beer??? The design wing was ok. I saw Chris for a while, and Jen, Nancy, Ben, Kevins, and some other people. Ying was going to come and hang, but she couldn't find parking and left.
So I just got home and drew this fast. Not the best, but it will do for tonight. I think i should really start gridding the face. Tomorrow a drawing of the birthday person, I'm sure she's not reading this right now.

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