Sunday, January 27, 2013

public var todaysLessons = string();

cout<< I sat in the Little Tokyo library today animating and programing. As I was surrounded by homeless, and dudes watching porn, I realized, I'm not that bad off, yet. I got the intro animatic done. I also got the back button working on the driod, and I got the keep_awake function working. I explored today. I went on an outdoor elevator, I also rode a trolly, found the LA Library, and a picture painted of me in a smoothie place in downtown. From there I learned about kickstarter projects with Chris. I guess it, like most things, takes a lot of work. Need to plan ahead, but that is a mission for another day. Back to code and drawing, it's what I can do ok, even though the author of flight says I need to think of myself as the bee's knees, I dont think I can<< endl<<

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