Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jubilee Again
I made a quick sketch of Jubilee, so lets hope we all get some Jubilee. Today I went with Courtney to the creators meeting at the Comic Bug. Afterward, I finally had a burrito with Ben Ferrel, something we said we'd have together back in college. Ben, Chris, Courtney and I all had Mexican at El Gringo. We talked about art, goals, and Halloween costumes we wore. Like Ben once dressed as evil Ben, complete with evil mustache. Chris was E.T. Courtney was a musketeer, and I was Shazam. I think the burrito made me drowsy, cuz I fell asleep for 2 hrs when I got home. When I fell asleep I had a weird burrito induced dream.
I went to pick up Courtney as usual, we were gonna go drawing. When I got to her place she invited me in. I noticed she now spoke with a bad Spanish accent, so I repsonded, "si senorita". I was sitting in the hotel lobby, it was designed in the theme of a Spanish Villa. Other people I knew were there: Ben, Chris, John, Jermz, Mike, some others too, but I don't remember. They to all had bad Spanish accents. She told me to wait for awhile, she needed to get ready, and walked up a flight of stairs to her room.
While sitting in the lobby, I started watching "Sabado Higante" on the lobby television. As I watched t.v. I noticed torture devices poorly hidden behind furniture. Courtney came down the flight of stairs and looked like she had been in a fight. She warned me to leave, and I noticed she no longer had the Spanish accent. Then upon viewing Ben and Chris in sombreros quickly ran outside. I was making my way to see what had happen when I was stopped by Spanish accent Chris. He told me, "don't worry about it homes. Sit down, have a corona." I was then shocked to see Courtney come down the flight of stairs she had only moments ago come down from. She told me we had to go and again had a bad Spanish Accent. She said there were surprises awaiting us. I realized that the people with bad Spanish accents were evil versions of ourselves! Good Courtney was outside waiting in bad shape, but I decided to go with evil Courtney, cuz I like surprises.
-end dream-
Odd, don't you think?


  1. Nah, thas not so weird holmes... relax, les go grab that Corona...

  2. Oh, no. I couldn't even think how to spell a bad spanish accent. What to do?