Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silent Assassin 2
True to my word Mary had no idea what Jermz and I got her for her birthday. I gave her this full inked sketch first and told her to guess the game (correct answer Assassin's Creed). She guessed some white arms game. Stephen guessed the right game, I told Mary she was right and called Stephen a fool. Little did Mary know that Stephen was right and she was wrong. Her eyes opened up when she saw Assassin's Creed and realized how crafty I am. Yuki also gave Mary some cool hand made earrings.
Today to celebrate her birthday we played tennis. Mike B. got there on time (3:00pm) everyone else rolled in around 5:00pm. It was all good. Ying, Stephen, Jermz, Mary, and Daisy played tennis and ate to much Korean BBQ. I also got all of Ying's super awesome art to sell at Wonder Con.

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