Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Justice Prevails

Attacked by three villainous Jermz raptors, things looked bad for our hero. Then the police arrived. A cyclops and wolf man aided the hurt ogre, while Medusa, in a paper bag, arrested these two new delinquent dinos. The original dino, handcuffed, shamed, and laughed at can only look on as he sees the ogre being taken away to safety. Is there anything his insidious, evil, deplorable mind can think of to continue the battle? Will he continue this madness, or, as I predict, accept his extinction in a maximum security prison? Jermz, what will it be?


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  2. Shamed? Laughed at? We'll see who laughs last and that will probably be you...laughing at my comic...defeating you and your ogre.

    Ogg not expect this

  3. Laughing yes, but at your hopeless attempts at victory.