Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ogre vs the Beast a.k.a Jermz

Only moments ago Jermz dares to challenge my ogre. He even phoned me at home and taunted me!!!!!!!!!!!!! This insult was not taken lightly as I quickly sprang to action. I scrapped the drawing I was currently making and knocked this one out instead, get it, it's a pun. Seeing my arm captured I responded quickly with an armbar, flinging the raptor to it's back and freeing the ogre's arm. With no hope of escape and feeling the raptor's arm breaking what will Jermz do?


  1. Touché, just as in battles before, weapons had been cast aside and I..er, the raptor ends up in an arm bar. Your move is predictable and that tapping does not mean the raptor is throwing in the towel.

  2. Yes, because I'm not accepting any taps!!